Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do my clients have with regard to image usage and copyright?

I do not restrict usage of the images in any way but copyright will always remain with me, the photographer.

Why have I chosen to specialise in Still Life, Product and Food Photography?

The range of photography that is requested of commercial photography is vast, each subject requiring specific skills are often equipment to shoot. I therefore made a conscious decision to focus my skills in food and still life product photography. As I shoot these subjects all the time I have therefore honed my skills, knowledge and techniques better in this area.

Do I services extend to high-volume packshot photography?

Whilst I do some product and packaging packshot work for me clients I do not shoot any significant volumes.

Is a food stylist essential for Food Photography?

For food to look at it’s very best it is essential that a food stylist or accomplished chef is involved. I would therefore recommend using a food stylist on each shoot as they bring the necessary skills and experience.

Why I have chosen not to publish pricing details on my website?

There are many variables to the pricing of this type of photography such as the subject itself, the background or setting for the subject. Reflective subjects are much more challenging to photograph than a subject with a matte finish. Similarly, lifestyle type product images which require a set to be created would also take much longer to produce than a simple packshot on a white background. With these variables in mind it is there not sensible to publish pricing and each project I work on is quoted for on a case by case basis and is based on my day rate.

Do I work on-location as well as in the studio?

A large quantity of my work is done on location, often working closely with the client at their premises. I bring suitable studio equipment such as lighting with me to ensure the very best results are achieved.

What are my target turn around times from undertaking the shoot to delivering the final images?

I always aim to turn around the images within 5 working days.

In what file format are the final images usually delivered in?

The high resolution version is always shared with clients regardless of intended usage. Files are usually delivered as JPEG or in the case of a cutout being required the file supplied would be Photoshop PSD.

How the final images be delivered?

All of the completed image files are compressed and sent via WeTransfer. Alternative methods such as Dropbox and DVD can be used if specified.