Over the last 12-18 months I have completed various commissioned work for Mina Khan at the 8020 Health Bar and Kitchen in Bolton (Greater Manchester). 8020 reflects a modern style of menu and dining with a massive focus on health, nutrition, fitness and well-being.

As well as photographing a number of items from their expansive menu, my main focus has been to help promote their 8020 meal preps which are available to order online. Their meal prep menu contains wide variety of options from healthy vegan dishes to some more traditional british cuisine.

Following the restaurants opening in 2017, I also had the opportunity to capture a few interior images. The ambience of the 8020 restaurant space is really nice and a big part of its warm appeal is created by the tungsten style warm light fittings. For my interior images no additional photographic lighting as I preferred just to let that warm ambience come through.

With all of my food photography I always ensure that the food looks natural and natural. When styling the food nothing is added and the food always remains edible. It’s always important to work with freshly cooked ingredients so one challenge when working with the meal prep food boxes was to cool the ingredients in order to prevent steam and condensation from being visible on the sides of the clear box. It is always important to work fast once the dish is ready, delays caused by lightning not being dialed in would result in shriveled vegetables and waxy looking sauces.

Some food photographer prefer to only work in natural light. Whilst this may work well in a well situated studio, it does not always work so well on location. Where possible I prefer to bring studio lighting to the restaurant so that I always have quality light at my disposal. The beauty of studio lighting is that light can be modified in any way I like to suit the subject and to created the desired mood of the shot.